In the world market, which is becoming increasingly complex, Agriplan aims at creating win-win situations for its partners in the agricultural production chain through combining technological knowledge with commercial know-how and market requirements. 

Agriplan’s expertise lies in specific working areas as agricultural production, food industry, marketing and distribution, logistics and finance, reflecting an integrated approach towards tomorrow’s production chain networks. Problems are recognized and quantified rapidly after which many options are given careful consideration.


Main activities

[icon_box animation_iteration=”1″ style=”5″ icon=”icomoon-apple-fruit” title=”Agricultural” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Arable farming (potatoes, vegetables, fodder crops)

Horticulture (vegetables, flowers)

Orchard production (apples, pears, cherries, plums, etc.)

Animal husbandry, feed production (cattle, pigs, poultry[/icon_box]

[icon_box animation_iteration=”1″ style=”5″ icon=”icomoon-factory” title=”Food processing” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Fruit and vegetables preserves and freezing

Potato processing

Meat processing

Filling and packaging[/icon_box]