Since the beginning of this year Agriplan has signed a number of contracts amongst others for the design engineering for a large agro-park in Nepal,  the review of a poultry operation in Lithuania and, of particular interest, the evaluation of the grain handling operation in Beirut port which have been destroyed in the explosion. In addition Agriplan is involved in ... Read More


Together with HaskoningDHV, Agriplan has been assigned to execute a feasibility study for an Agro-Industrial Park. The first stage comprises the evaluation of 8 to 10 investments and to select 1 location for detailed investment analysis. The second stage is for the Design and Engineering of the selected project. It is a large project of EUR 560,000 and it will ... Read More

Sri Lanka: Cold chain warehouses

For Ecorys, in the framework of an EU Agricultural Technical Assistance Program (TAMAP), Agriplan has conducted a pre-feasibility study for the construction of a series of cold chain warehouses for the storage and distribution of fruits and vegetables. Based on the results of the study EU will make € 25 mln available to improve the cold chain infrastructure in selected ... Read More

Pakistan: Wheat silos

During May and June 2019, Agriplan has reviewed the progress of the wheat silos construction program for the Punjab Food Department (PFD) on behalf of the World Bank. PFD is transforming its wheat storage from bag to bulk handling which is a cumbersome process. Agriplan has been requested to draft a strategy how to continue with the silo construction program … Read More

World Bank: various projects …

The work for various World Bank projects in Bangladesh, India and Nepal continues. Over the past 5 years Agriplan has developed a strategic relationship with the World Bank, resulting in a continuous flow of assignments for the preparation and implementation support for large loans to develop the agribusiness infrastructure in the beneficiary countries  

Moldova: Fruit drying

The latest assignment has been received end of June from the EBRD to prepare a feasibility study for an investment in fruit drying for the Codru company in central Moldova. Codru is an old acquaintance of Agriplan as during 2005-2010 Agriplan has extensively assisted the company in nursery and orchard development.

Angola: Evaluation of a large agro …

HaskoningDHV has contracted Agriplan to evaluate a large agro-industrial investment scheme in Angola for poultry and related animal feed production on behalf of ING Bank, FMO and KfW. Agriplan will look into the agro-industrial aspects. The assignment will run from August – December 2019.

Tanzania, Malawi: Strategy for the Songwe …

From July until November Agriplan will be busy with the development of a strategy for the development of the Songwe River Basin agro-industry sector. Recently (July, 2019), Agriplan has signed a contract with the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) for this study. SIWI is involved in the development of the water and irrigation infrastructure in this region and intends to … Read More

Netherlands: (Agri-) business centre

A private investor has assigned Agriplan to develop an (agri-) business centre to sell or lease to interested companies in the south-west of the Netherlands. The project is in its design stage with sales and rental contracts anticipated to be concluded by the end of this year, after which construction will start early next year.

Azerbaijan: Agro-industrial complex

For AS Group Agriplan has designed an agro-industrial complex including 200 ha for the cultivation of rasp- and strawberries and a cold storage and fruit packing centre. The project is in its design stage. Approx. 10 ha greenhouse has already be realized and is in production. Greenhouse expansion and construction of the storage & packing center is scheduled for 2019.

Ukraine: Drying facility for apples and …

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has assigned Agriplan to prepare the investment budgets and engineering drawings, for a drying facility for apples and carrots for Poltava Sad, a company cultivating 8,000 ha near Poltava / Ukraine. In this project Agriplan is cooperating with Dika Dehydrated Ingredients from Schoonhoven.

Kyrgystan: Storage and Packing …

The construction of the storage facility for potatoes, onions and carrots near Bishkek is nearing its completion. The sorting and packing line (from Allround) has been supplied from India and is installed. At the moment the cooling and ventilation systems are installed. In September 2017 this advanced storage and packing center will be ready to start its packing operations.

India: Climate Resilient Agriculture

Since October 2016 Agriplan has been contracted by the World Bank to assist in the preparation of the Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture (PoCRA). The project concerns a US$ 600 mln investment in mitigating the effects of climate change for small farmers, in particular, access to water and improvements in irrigation schemes. Agriplan is involved in the Value Chain components ... Read More

Algeria: Dairy Farming and Baby …

At the beginning of August, Agriplan experts visited Setif in Algeria to evaluate opportunities for large scale dairy farming, and in particular, the cultivation possibilities for animal feed. Royal HaskoningDHV contracted Agriplan to conduct a detailed feasibility study for the construction of a milk powder plant and processing line for the manufacturing of baby food.

Algeria: Potato Storage and Post …

End July the company Prinsen has commissioned a fully automated sorting and packing line for potatoes. The installation of this machine forms the last step in the completion of the storage (2,500 MT storage capacity) and packing center (10-15 MT/hr) that Agriplan is realizing in the Mascara province, in the northwest region of the country, for and on behalf of ... Read More

Livestock development, dairy and meat production in Bangladesh

World Bank will finance US$ 500 mln for development of the livestock sector and related milk and meat processing industries. The proposed project will focus on : (i) increasing the productivity of producers through improving feeding, animal health, breeding and husbandry practices; (ii) supporting market linkages for small and poor farmers and value addition and product diversification; and (iii) enhancing … Read More

Feasibility Study on Wheat Silos in Punjab

The provincial government of Punjab is storing 2 mln MT of wheat in “open” storage and has assigned Royal HaskoningDHV in cooperation with Agriplan to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study for the Food Departments wheat silos storage plan. The Punjab government intends to quickly realise a series of grain silo storage facilities with capacities between 7,500 and 10,000 MT each, ... Read More


On 15 June Agrico-Algeria has organised a potato training course for 125 of its clients and future potato suppliers of Agrico-Algeria. The training focussed on potato harvesting with digging demonstrations of a Samon harvester and a Polish harvester. In addition the trial field with 8 Agrico varieties has been harvested and farmers were given the opportunity to learn the performance ... Read More

Agro-Industrial Park Development in Russia

In close cooperation with RoyalHaskoningDHV, Agriplan has been assigned to render consultancy and engineering services for a potential investment of US$ 1 bln for the development of a large scale and advanced Agro Industrial Park in the Krasnodar region in Russia. In addition to agro-industrial activities, the park will render logistical and (bonded) warehousing services. Agriplan will be involved in ... Read More


Also the Modern Food Storage Facilities Project in Bangladesh is progressing well. Agriplan forms part of the World Bank Monitoring Team and is assisting the World Bank and DG Food on design and engineering aspects for the 500.000 MT rice and wheat storage silos to be realised. Currently the tender for the Design and Engineering Consultants is underway and tender ... Read More

Fruta Sã Tropical Fruit Processing Brazil

The Fruta Sã project in Carolina in the Maranhão State of Brazil, with funding from ICCO, BID and PSI and under management by Agriplan, has been successfully completed in June 2015. The factory has been fully re-equipped, fruit collection centres have been realised, and staff has been trained.

Potato Chips in Algeria

For SIG Agro the feasibility study for the Potato Chips Factory has started with market research carried out by the University of Blida under the supervision of Prof. A. Aissat a renown agricultural specialist in Algeria. A visit to chips factories in Kosovo and Portugal is planned for August 2015.

MABA Retail

For MABA Retail we are building a distribution centre for the packing of fresh potatoes with two advanced weighing and packing lines to be installed. One Propak machine for the packing of potato in 10-25 kg net bags for local end export markets (Russia and Middle East). The second Propak machine is for the packing of potatoes in 2-5 kg ... Read More